Difficulties in Life

I must say, marriage is very important it can give us happiness and strength but getting married at a young age is extremely difficult. You need to be responsible and dedicated to your family. You need to find a permanent job to sustain your wife and children. You need to provide their needs because you are a father. Fathers can do everything just to give the needs and want of his family. Being a father at a young age is very difficult, you need to accept the responsibility coming to your life and you need to be hardworking. You should give a better future for your children because that is one of your responsibility.
The story of Footnote to Youth is very disappointing. Dodong is in a hurry to get married but in the end, he regrets. He decided to marry Teang but he didn’t think about the responsibilities coming. Dodong is too young to adopt the responsibility of being a father and husband. A young parent like them have lots of negative effects on their life and their future also. They can’t handle more problems because they are not matured enough to do something serious. Life is very serious that full of maturity.
In my opinion, being a young parent is not easy. If you want to be a good parent, you need to study well, you need to graduate, get a course that you want so that you can take care of your future family. You can provide whatever they want because you are successful in your life. You can handle problems because you are matured already. You do that first before getting married so that your life will not be complicated. If you are successful already, then decided to marry, I’m sure you will not regret it in the end. Life is not easy so be careful with your steps.

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